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Agile team organisation

Organization is half the battle! In this Re:Think Teamwork Workshop employees learn to organise their work processes collectively and orient them according to their individual strengths.


Agile team organisation

The Content

This Re:Think Teamwork Workshop aims to enable teams to organise their collaboration independently. To this end, organisational difficulties are first analysed and then specifically transformed into effective solutions.

Participants learn how to conduct a systemic problem analysis and how to independently develop practical steps for improvement. In the second section the solutions are transformed into a collaborative code of conduct.

Participants learn to clearly understand and perceive their individual responsibility towards their own team.

Re:Think Teamwork Methods for effective prioritisation, non-violent communication and economic planning are taught and put into practice.

The Topics & Goals

Agile Teamwork

  • How do we recognise unfavourable work processes?
  • How do we distribute tasks optimally?
  • How do we prioritise our tasks in a target-oriented manner?
  • How do we react quickly to unplanned events?
  • How do we organise our tasks clearly?
  • How do we delegate tasks to the appropriate colleagues?
  • How do we guarantee operation in case of colleagues’ absences?
  • How do we prevent discrepancies in the distribution of tasks?

The Audience

The Re:Think Teamwork Workshop is aimed at teams wanting to improve the agility of their work processes.

The Timing

One Workshop Day (8 hrs.)

One Follow-Up Session (4 hrs.)

The Objective

Participants will be supported with practical methods to dynamically and independently organise their work.

The Promise



In accordance with our mission we keep the theory to a minimum and use inspiring stories to explain the nature and heritage of the individual Re:Think methods. We want our participants to find solutions not follow presentations.


Practical Work

We want our workshop participants to profit from the first minute to the last. The Re:Think methods are custom tailored and work with the individual obstacles to provide instant solutions to current challenges.


Usable results

In accordance with our vision the Re:think workshops provide actionable steps guiding our participants to their individual solution. They can be reused indefinatly and the results have a directly noticeable impact.

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