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Principle : Cooperation

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How does integrated Communication help?

Integrated communication helps to shape esteem for the skills and ideas of the opponent into a ritual.

Whom does integrated Communication help?

Integrated communication helps everyone to use the full potential of a team or community.

Why does integrated Communication help?

Because integrated communication furthers satisfaction which increases productivity and maximizes the teams success sustainably.

Hierarchies and their motives are the opposite of positive development. Stephan Plesnik


Discover hidden Potentials

How integrated communication programs teams for success.

The Potential Equation is the language of Make . Your . SelfE . A. S. Y Business & Personality Coaching Principle and shows how transparent communication promotes positive development in every team.

Central difference of the Potential Equation to classical guidance models is the exchange of “promoting by demanding” against “motivating by inspiring” This creates an awareness that ambitions to imitate behaviour are the result of observation and not a narrative. Demonstrating instead of lecturing reaps long-term loyalty.

Transparency = Trust. Every successful enterprise is the result of the good interaction of a team. Where abilities are used, ideas must be heard and realized.

This creates esteem in the team and motivates everyone in a natural way to achieve maximum performance and maximum satisfaction. The increase in productivity for better added value is the automatic result of integrated communication processes in excellent teams.

Origin of Your hidden Potentials

The Make . Your . Self – E . A . S . Y Potential Equation has its origin in Violet Celler’sImportance of Business IT Alignment for Increasing Corporate Success“. The original illustrates the discrepancy in the flow of information between business management and the IT department in every hierarchically managed company worldwide. The adaptation of the otherwise thematically arranged diagram to the basic needs of human communication opens up new possibilities for authoritarian and flexible leaders. Where previously following was a logical result of the demand, the equation of potential uses inspiration as a central variable. It reminds us to take the step and not to expect others to set it right. This inspires our team to follow our example and motivates them to perform at their best.

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hidden Potentials

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Stephan Plesnik

Stephan Plesnik

Stephan Plesnik is Master of Business Transformation and Discoverer of Make . Your . SelfE . A . S . Y Principle for sustainably successful corporate development and transformation.

The revolutionary success model enables constant economic growth and promises increasing satisfaction, productivity and team spirit for all employees and managers. It combines the further development of change theories such as Design Thinking, Vision Modeling, Business-IT-Alignment, Change Management, Business Model & Value Proposition Canvas and many others, which are widespread worldwide, into a comprehensive overall concept.

The revolutionary feature is the targeted control of future transformation processes, which would otherwise have a disruptive effect on the own company.

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