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Principle: Innovation

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How does a Chance Planner help?

A Chance Planner helps to prepare one’s own actions and objectives for future changes.

Whom does a Chance Planner help?

A Chance Planner helps anyone who wants to change their current mode of action independently.

Why does a Chance Planner help?

Because through a Chance Planner, a future change is systematically evaluated before an external compulsion arises.

Those who do not allow chaos can never appreciate structure and organization.

Stephan Plesnik


Das Tor zur Unternehmensvision

Become a Chance Planner

How you order the chaos of change

The Business Model Canvas is the Chance Planner of the Make . Your . SelfE . A. S. Y Business & Personality Coaching Principle and enables the targeted planning of changes.

The practical comparison of all relevant components of a business model leaves room for unplanned influences (disruption) that could have a negative impact on the company. Thus, value chains can be flexibly innovated and specifically differentiated from the competition.

Chaos = Fear. The logical order of change processes in a visual map frees us from stress and enables clear thoughts for productive results.

The central focus of quality and change management on the planning of chance guarantees the sustainability of a company with the highest satisfaction and maximum productivity of all team members.

Home of the Chance Planners

The home of the Chance Planners lies in a conception model for business development, developed by Alexander Osterwalder under the name Business Model Canvas. This tool, also adapted for personality development (Business Model You), considers the individual framework parameters of a business model based on the added value that a product or service generates or will generate. The visualization of the logical parameters and their relation to each other is also perfectly suited for all activities, such as important meetings and sales conversations or to quickly adjust plans with family and friends to a common added value. This makes it possible to plan coincidences and to see in advance which arguments and needs lead to which results. Chance Planners are people who discover every situation impartially and use the flow of their thoughts to create optimal future experiences.

And now…

…order the

Chaos of Change

Das Tor zur Unternehmensvision

Become a Solutionist

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Appoint . Your . Self

Make your appointment and live your change

Stephan Plesnik

Stephan Plesnik

Stephan Plesnik is Master of Business Transformation and Discoverer of Make . Your . SelfE . A . S . Y Principle for sustainably successful corporate development and transformation.

The revolutionary success model enables constant economic growth and promises increasing satisfaction, productivity and team spirit for all employees and managers. It combines the further development of change theories such as Design Thinking, Vision Modeling, Business-IT-Alignment, Change Management, Business Model & Value Proposition Canvas and many others, which are widespread worldwide, into a comprehensive overall concept.

The revolutionary feature is the targeted control of future transformation processes, which would otherwise have a disruptive effect on the own company.

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