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Principle : Vision

Become a Visionary

How does a Vision help?

A Vision helps you to shape your own goals to an inspiring mission statement.

Whom does a Vision help?

A Vision helps everyone to attain certainty and calm for their own decisions.

Why does a Vision help?

Because a Vision combines ones own ideas, values and skills for a higher purpose.

An inspiring vision is like good coffee. The balance of the individual ingredients creates the unmistakable aroma. Stephan Plesnik

Change Designer

Build the Gate to Your Vision

This is how you inspire yourself and others to succeed

The Gate to Your Vision is a chart for visualizing the three central building blocks that shape our self-image and show others who we are. It is the Make . Your . SelfE . A. S. Y Business & Personality Coaching basic principle and unites abilities, ideas, culture and vision to a balance for efficient enterprise and personality development.

The Gate to Your Vision is a canvas in which abilities and ideas are balanced to each other, in order to create clarity over the direct and indirect action possibilities. It illustrates in a unique way the interaction between what we can do, what we think and what we show.

Vision = Certainty. A vision serves as a model for all our actions. Against a vision we can examine every project, every goal, every plan and every task or activity and find out immediately whether we will achieve success with the implementation.

The special thing about the Gate to Your Vision is the presentation of the individual parameters and their relationship to each other. Thus we already know in the planning phase whether and under which conditions our strategy will work and how it will be integrated into the existing and future value creation processes.

Foundation of Your Vision

The basis for the Vision Canvas and the Gate to Your Vision are different theories of Vision Modeling. In them you will find the different columns and arcs that form the gate. The central influencing factors of our Vision in the Vision Canvas have been logically related and the parameter of balance has been added for practical use. It is a scientifically logical consideration of the interactions that influence people to pursue a goal. The correct application presupposes the value-free observation of the Success Loop and results in a conscious picture of the planned enterprise or one’s own self.

The five Ingredients of an inspiring Vision

An inspiring Vision is not easy to find. It comes to you when you are aware of your abilities, when you use your ideas creatively and when your actions are shaped by this understanding. The five ingredients help you so that your Vision can inspire others. They all stand for a characteristic that a Vision should fulfill and can help you to check if and to what extent your Vision is inspiring.











And now…


…Follow Your

Higher Purpose

Das Tor zur Unternehmensvision

Become a Solutionist

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Appoint . Your . Self

Make your appointment and live your change

Stephan Plesnik

Stephan Plesnik

Stephan Plesnik is Master of Business Transformation and Discoverer of Make . Your . SelfE . A . S . Y Principle for sustainably successful corporate development and transformation.

The revolutionary success model enables constant economic growth and promises increasing satisfaction, productivity and team spirit for all employees and managers. It combines the further development of change theories such as Design Thinking, Vision Modeling, Business-IT-Alignment, Change Management, Business Model & Value Proposition Canvas and many others, which are widespread worldwide, into a comprehensive overall concept.

The revolutionary feature is the targeted control of future transformation processes, which would otherwise have a disruptive effect on the own company.

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