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Coaching & Mentoring
for fulfilling relationships


Do you know this? You feel that your partner is not well, but no matter how you offer your help, it is not getting better? Even worse, your help becomes the trigger for a fight?

If so, you can now breathe easy, because there is nothing wrong with you or your partner! You are both just right, even for each other. It’s just that you are literally talking at cross purposes. Fortunately, there are simple ways to improve your communication and master the challenge of a satisfying relationship together.

Many relationship problems result from your different perspectives on the same situations and actions in everyday life. But your family, friends and colleagues also define your expectations of yourself and your values. This is also true for your partner and often leads to conflicts.

We support you to understand all these aspects, to feel their effects and then to make the right decision. A fulfilling relationship, in which both of you can fulfill yourselves individually and together, is not an art. It is the result of your will to accept your partner and to change yourself.

And it is much easier than it sounds; I promise!

The Goals

Fulfill expectations
Problem analysis & solutions
Rules for living together
Respectful communication
Overcoming guilt
Deciding properly together

“There is always a right solution and I stay until we find it together!”

Stephan Plesnik

“Without this conversation, my relationship would not have carried the burden…”

Anna E.

I had a conversation with Stephan when I knew what path in life I would like to take, but did not dare to take the first step.

My environment, including my own family, made me feel like I didn’t fit into a desired image. I was unhappy and couldn’t figure out why. The first question Stephan asked me was: “Are you ready to speak honestly? And may I be honest?

What did I expect from such a question by a person I didn’t know ….

The conversation was surprisingly open, it was honest, sad, funny and most of all real! Stephan walked me through every role and perspective that was circling in my mind. This was exactly why it was so relieving. No matter how uncomfortable I was with a situation or thought, I had to face it on my own, but I was given guidance with which to do so.

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It was empowering because I didn’t had to justify myself to anyone else but myself, and it was an appreciative experience for me.
He asked exactly the right questions that I didn’t dare to ask myself.
When I didn’t know how to self-reflect and was in the dark, Stephan turned on the light and it worked.

I was afraid to face such a conversation and instead was allowed to learn to turn the fear into a positive resource that now gives me a different perspective on my actions and those around me.

I benefit from this every single day.

Today I can say, with Stephan’s techniques I have found a new way to deal with criticism and demands of my environment, put aside the fear of not fitting into a role and love to make decisions that are good for me.

Without this talk my relationship would not have carried the burden, instead my wife and I now just draw every day on a common image that pleases us and makes us happy.

You wish…

…to meet your partner’s expectations without twisting yourself?

…to better understand and provide valuable support to your partner?

…unconditional trust in your relationship?

…to solve all problems together and with pleasure?

…to shape your future together?

What if…

…you could always understand your partner’s needs correctly?

…you make your partner happy because you are the way you are?

…you could talk about everything together without arguments?

…your mutual help would never be misunderstood?

…you could find common solutions with pleasure?

“I marry the love of my life, whom I thought I had lost forever.”

Sofia E.

It is common to spend money and see a therapist. After all these people are trained studied and know exactly what to do. That may be. However I have made the experience that even people without a degree in psychology are able to help me with conversations. In this case it was Stephan Plesnik ‘The Enabler’.

I’ll be brief. My relationship of seven years went to pieces, the mourning for my father who died 4 years ago won’t let go of me, I had fears and panic attacks, threw myself into work and completely lost sight of what was important.

My enabler managed to make me understand what positive qualities were hidden in my negative thoughts and experiences through conversations. I saw things from a different perspective. In order for this to be successful at all I had to deal with myself a lot. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it happens.

Now I can deal with my fears, recognize negative strokes of fate as an opportunity to see something positive in them and make something out of it, and above all accept what I cannot influence, and do so without panicking.

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In September our wedding will take place. I am marrying the love of my life, whom I thought I had lost forever. Now I get to accompany her until one of us will no longer be there and beyond. I don’t want to know what would have happened to me and to my relationship without his assistance.

I’d rather live with the fact that I got help and allowed it, and the change allowed me to live what I almost destroyed for myself.

Self-reflection is indeed the key to happiness and my fears don’t control me, I control my fears. On the subject of grief, I have realized for myself that it belongs to me and I want to allow it because it is honest.

Coaching & Mentoring
for fulfilling relationships

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await You!

Watch the videos and eliminate your doubts!

How do I understand and meet the needs of others?

How do I identify the problems in my relationship?

How do I determine the causes of problems and find solutions?

How do I create common rules for everyones benefit?

How do I understand others better & respond more valuably?

How do I create a harmonious relationship?

How do I make the best decision for everyones good?

Your individual situation has the highest value for our common path. Therefore our support is individually oriented on your challenges. The Back to Basics methods were developed by Stephan Plesnik with the goal of empowering each person to use their own mistakes as opportunities in order to solve any problem. Depending on your needs you will encounter a variety of these everyday helpers.

Use the colorful tiles and gain deeper insights into our way of thinking so you can make your decision for us with a clear conscience.

(Back to Basics is a comprehensive collection of personal development and business management methodologies. The videos present the perspective of business leadership, but are equally applicable to any individual or love relationship. With the greatest success!)


Learn a way to meet your daily needs and expectations.


Learn a way to rationally analyze a problem and directly define the right solution.


Learn how to design your tasks according to your skills and complete them effectively.


Learn to define and consistently achieve your goals through your talents.


Learn to gain financial freedom, develop your business continuously and always enjoy enough fun in your life.


Learn to make your time meaningful by recording the reasons for your plans.

Coaching & Mentoring
for fulfilling relationships

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