TeamWork Training & Leadership coaching


Learn how to inspire your employees to
top performance and achieve collaboratively
innovative results

As a team leader, entrepreneur or manager, you’ve come to the right place. Together we inspire your employees to top performance and achieve collaboratively innovative results.

Schedule Your free consultation online now. We’ll talk about Your challenges and how You can overcome them with my teamwork training.

Our mission: Always achieve the best results with your team in the long term!

TeamWork Training & Leadership coaching

What awaits You

Do You have the feeling that Your employees are not giving their best? That Your team could achieve significantly better results?

If You know this situation, I can reassure You: You are not alone and together with Your team we can change this.

In my career I have worked with many entrepreneurs and managers and most of them have been in a similar situation. They felt that their employees were not giving 100% or cared greatly about the success of their work.

As a team leader You love Your tasks and overcome challenges every day, but You are waiting in vain for the same attitude from Your employees?

Then You are at the right place on my website. Convince Yourself of my expertise and approach to mutual success in a non-binding conversation.

The mission: Inspire Your employees to top performance and achieve collaboratively innovative results!

TeamWork Training & Leadership coaching

Back to Basics

Inspires your employees to top performance to achieve the best possible results.

Principle : Vision

Inspiring Visions put the moral purpose of the enterprise at the forefront. Your leadership style is based on the impact and added value of the services You offer. Profit follows naturally with this strategy. Your team is taught the moral value of their work and a higher purpose. This way You increase the “We-Feeling” and create a leadership culture in which every action and idea serves the common vision.

Prinzip : Navigation

Attention and open mindedness for the unused potentials in the team show a modern leadership style that is unbothered by hierarchy levels. You recognize Your company and Your team as a network of individual talents that can be used independently of the job description. Tasks are taken over flexibly and independently in Your team, which enables a more competent, faster and more effective completion. Your Navigation allows You a free and valuable leadership style towards a charismatic inspiring person of trust.

Principle : Cooperation

Ambitious goals and high-quality work need a clearly understandable purpose. Your Integrated Communication shows Your team what the visible results and tangible impact of Your tasks will be. Mutually defined goals and Cooperation as a course of action enable responsible cooperation, characterized by freedom of decision in a flexible code of conduct.

Principle : Reflexion
Transparency and Reflexion as a guiding principle in Your leadership style increases Your teams confidence in Your abilities, even in crisis situations. Your consciously open leadership creates more loyalty and the will to perform, while You encourage alternative solutions of Your team. In this way, You enable them to better understand Your approach and to show more sympathy for You.
Principle : Innovation

A culture of living Innovation generates new ways to remain competitive in the long term. Your Opportunity Culture utilizes mistakes knowing that improvements, potential savings, and innovations offer decisive advantages. Your team is encouraged to freely express suggestions and thoughts and to actively participate in shaping them. This gives everyone the confidence and security to try out new ways and ideas. Fears of making mistakes are reduced and the positive atmosphere transforms criticism into Your success multiplier.

TeamWork Training & Leadership coaching

The Process


Schedule Your free & non-binding consultation


I listen carefully to Your descriptions and analyze Your situation


You receive feedback and can make a well informed decision

TeamWork Training & Leadership coaching

Your Advantages!


Together we create clarity and formulate concrete goals for you and your team. This way everyone knows exactly how they can contribute to the mutual success.


Together we will discover the hurdles of Your communication and develop a code of conduct that will guide You safely to Your goals.


We give Your goals a common direction and inspire Your team to top performance with unimagined results.


We identify the true talents and aptitudes of Your employees so that You can entrust them with any task peacefully.

Optimal time

We prevent energy-sapping work processes and bring together meaningful tasks in a flexible structure. Less stress equals more time.


Our methods let You feel the success immediately and effectively increase the productivity and satisfaction of Your team from day one.

TeamWork Training & Leadership coaching

About Stephan Plesnik

Master of Business Transformation Management

2017 | FIR an der RWTH Aachen

Bachelor of Audio Production Arts

2006 – 2009 | SAE Institute Cologne & Byron Bay

Data Protection Officer

2018 | IHK Hellweg-Sauerland

IT-Security Officer

2019 | IHK Hellweg-Sauerland





My name is Stephan Plesnik and I am 36 years old. My professional career started after my studies in professional music production. I worked internationally for many years in the biggest recording studios and collaborating with a wide variety of cultures & characters. This sparked my enthusiasm for inspiring people to perform at their best beyond the confines of recording studios and concert halls.

Always eager to evolve and learn new things I worked in different industries over the last 12 years. As a consultant for digitalization, online marketing, data protection and IT security I regularly worked with international teams.

This time taught me the essential qualities of modern business and team leadership which I was able to further consolidate by studying Business Transformation Management (FIR at RWTH Aachen University).

Since then, I have been able to recognize the communicative and organizational blockages of different teams and have created simple levers for sustainable improvement with a long-term and professional development of the Back to Basics methods. I am proud of this because I have been able to help many teams to work better together and thus to achieve superior results.

For many years I believed that specialization was the only path to professional success. The realization to deepen and use my different talents helped me to derive valuable goals for true satisfaction and changed my attitude fundamentally. That is why I help people to work together in an optimal and skill-based way and to develop their potentials for the benefit of mutual success.

If You want to convince Yourself of my expertise, You can arrange a free consultation with me. We’ll talk about where You and Your team currently stand what Your challenges are and how I can make a valuable contribution for improvement.

I am happily looking forward to talk to You personally soon!

TeamWork Training & Leadership coaching

Voices about me!

For a long time change management in our team was just new furniture, new colors and modern words. Stephan has completely changed this attitude from the first second and in a few minutes triggered the fun of real change in us!

Elena T.

I did not know why my work did not fulfill me. After an hour in conversation with Stephan not only the doubts were removed but also my right path was clear. Same job but with meaningful tasks, thank you for that!

Michael E.

Through Stephan I learned how to practically make use of every mistake my team makes to improve our performance and quality. Direct solutions instead of complicated KPIs and tedious evaluations. Fascinatingly simple!

Jessica L.

Since the Back to Basics training our team benefits daily from the analytical way of thinking to find solutions quickly. Project planning is more effective, our team more satisfied and the results more valuable!

Christopher M.

I never realized why I didn’t enjoy my job very much. Through Back to Basics I am now involved in important decisions of my company and do tasks I am good at to best support my team!

Katharina L.

We have attended various workshops and learned interesting methods. But Back to Basics showed us simple ways that we can perfectly integrate into our everyday life to be more productive and satisfied!

Marc B.

TeamWork Training & Leadership coaching

An important Infor­mation!

I can only serve a limited number of participants at a time because the success of my clients is my top priority.

My principle: Quality instead of quantity!

My coaching sessions fill most of my time. Therefore I ask you for a short formulation of your challenges in the form for booking your free consultation. This saves us both time and gives us the opportunity to really pause and reflect on the individual challenge.

For more extensive one-on-one coaching, I also offer long-term support. Please also let me know what challenges you would like to work on.