Personal Business Workshop
for the continuous innovation of your company


Business Workshop

Become a role model for your team
& enable a unique culture
of continuous innovation!

Personal Business Workshop
for the continuous innovation of your company

What awaitYou

Experience the power of the five (5) essential mind-sets of visionary leadership in a business training that is not comparable to any other coaching. The unique Back to Basics methods let you feel the positive change after only a few minutes. No more planning, analyzing, evaluating or long waiting. We start directly with what really counts. You and your innovation!

As a manager you are confronted daily with countless processes, decisions and needs from all levels of the hierarchy. The pressure of expectation is great, because in the innovation race the fastest company with the best strategies for the further development and positioning of its own brand wins.

The Innovation Business Training specifically designed for business innovation includes the development of strategies for cost reduction, the creation of added value in the product environment, the development of digitalization processes and the implementation of innovation cycles for lasting competitiveness. All methods in our trainings are practical in nature – you can and should internalize the learned methods and apply them regularly yourself in order to derive the greatest possible positive effect for your company, your team and yourself.

The Goals

Define, analyze, fulfill expectations
Process analysis & development of impact strategies
Define rules of cooperation in a code of conduct
Analysis of the team skills & restructuring of the task fields
Added value development through effect instead of product benefit
Implementation of the innovation cycle
Targeted improvement of work processes to save time & reduce costs
Development of digitization strategies

You wish…

…for excellent teamwork in flexible working environments?

…for a simple, efficient and secure financial planning?

…to unleash the full potential of your team?

…to consistently realize your business goals?

…for an inspiring vision that impresses partners and customers?

What if…

…you could experience optimal teamwork every day?

…you would have enough capital for your investments?

…you could effectively use the full potential of your team?

…your business goals reflect your expectations?

…you could motivate yourself and everyone else to achieve top performance?

Personal Business Workshop
for the continuous innovation of your company

Unique Ideas for
real Innovation!



await you!

How do I improve my teamwork daily?

How do I effectively prevent operational blindness?

How do I identify the causes of problems and find solutions?

How do I create a culture of responsible cooperation?

How do I utilize the full potential of my team?

How do I effectively avoid unproductive tasks?

How do I turn internal training into a competitive advantage?

How do I stay continuously more productive and innovative?


Learn a way to meet your daily needs and expectations.


Learn a way to rationally analyze a problem and directly define the right solution.


Learn to design rules of conduct for a harmonious and effective corporate culture.


Learn how to design your tasks according to your skills and complete them effectively.


Learn how to make sense of each task and how to use your skills perfectly.


Learn a method to identify every knowledge gap and use it for your goals.


Learn a method to make your innovation a daily companion for optimal processes.

Personal Business Workshop
for the continuous innovation of your company

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Business Workshop

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Innovation is a cycle that starts with the desire for a solution and ends with the solution creating a new desire!

Stephan Plesnik