Personal Business Workshop
for your ideally successful corporate culture


Business Workshop

Become a role model for your team
and enable a responsible culture of
of independent cooperation!

Personal Business Workshop
for your ideally successful corporate culture

What awaitYou

Experience the power of the five (5) essential mind-sets of visionary leadership in a business workshop that is unlike any other coaching or training. The unique Back to Basics methods let you feel the positive change after only a few minutes. No planning, analyzing, evaluating or long waiting. We start directly with what really counts. You and your culture!

As a seasoned entrepreneur with several years of experience, you will have noticed that the world is constantly evolving – and with it the people, the economy and the technologies. Now it will be decided who will be able to stay on the market in the long run. Specifically, we are talking about the shortage of skilled workers – without good employees, there is no good company! Employees, however, are becoming more and more aware of their influence on companies. Specialists and professionals from special industries can almost choose their job. Here, the company that offers the best overall conditions wins the race. This is not only the salary – but today more than ever the working environment!

Learn how to redefine your corporate culture and align it with modern needs without losing your own core values within the Make . Your . Self – Performance Workshop. Established in the long term, you will ensure a significant increase in employee satisfaction, a lower churn rate of existing specialists and an increase in qualified new employees. Your lived corporate culture also has a positive effect on your corporate image and can be excellently integrated into your marketing strategies.

The Goals

Define, analyze, fulfill expectations
Process analyses & development of impact strategies
Set rules of cooperation in the code of conduct
Visualize routines & habits and promote team spirit
Analysis of team capabilities & restructuring of task areas
Define intentions, motivation, milestones and target horizon
Introduce & practice relationship analysis within team structures
Introduce & practice improvements in decision-making skills

You wish…

…for excellent teamwork in flexible working environments?

…for continuous innovation of your business processes?

…to unleash the full potential of your team?

…a strong opportunity culture without restraining competition?

…for clear rules that everyone in the company is happy to follow?

What if…

…you could experience optimal teamwork every day?

…everyone in your team likes to help shape effective work processes?

…you could effectively use the full potential of your team?

…every mistake becomes a sustainable improvement for your company?

…all in your team promote the long-term success of your company?

Personal Business Workshop
for your ideally successful corporate culture

Unique Ideas for
excellent Performance!



await You!

How do I improve my teamwork every day?

How do I effectively prevent operational blindness?

How do I determine the causes of problems and find solutions?

How do I create a culture of responsible collaboration?

How do I break bad habits with joy?

How do I unleash the full potential of my team?

How do I effectively avoid unproductive tasks?


Learn a way to meet your daily needs and expectations.


Learn a way to rationally analyze a problem and directly define the right solution.


Learn to design rules of conduct for a harmonious and effective corporate culture.

Willpower training

Learn a way to train your will power by breaking bad habits.

Discovering potentials

Learn how to design your tasks according to your skills and complete them effectively.

Accepting challenges

Learn how to make sense of each task and how to use your skills perfectly.



awaits you!


How do I create a honest & valuable work environment?

How do I always make the best decision?


Learn how to make the quality of your communication visible and specifically improve it.


Learn how the method of systemic consensus respects the individual needs of all partners.

Personal Business Workshop
for your ideally successful corporate culture

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Business Workshop

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Problems can never be solved with the same mindset,
through which they were created.

Albert Einstein