Personal Business Workshop
for Your Business Development


Business Workshop

Unleash the full potential of your ideas, through clear goals,
united in an inspiring corporate vision!

Personal Business Workshop
for Your Business Development

What awaitYou

Experience the power of the five (5) essential mind-sets of visionary leadership in a business workshop that is unlike any other coaching or training. The unique Back to Basics methods let you feel the positive change after only a few minutes. No planning, analyzing, evaluating or long waiting. We start directly with what really counts. You and your vision!

As a Start-Upper you are in the middle of founding a company or have just left the founding phase. Now it’s time to take concrete action to move your business forward! The coaching, which has been put together especially for start-ups, supports you (and your co-founders) to survive on the market in the next few years, to plan entrepreneurial freedom of action, to make solid decisions as well as to distribute the upcoming tasks in an optimal way.

The Make . Your . Self – Start-Up Workshop teaches you a number of important skills and modern methods for business management and planning, but also deals with you as the person behind the founder. All methods in our coaching sessions are of a practical nature: you can and should apply the learned methods yourself on a regular basis to derive the greatest possible effect for your company, your team and for yourself. We promise: All methods and exercises are basically easy – the only thing that is not so easy is to get yourself to do it!

The Goals

Define, analyze, fulfill expectations
Plan & guarantee financial freedom of action
Develop entrepreneurial authenticity & prioritize tasks meaningfully
Define intentions, motivation, milestones & target horizon
Analysis & visualization of business processes
Develop concise corporate vision
Improve decision-making skills, charisma, conversational skills & time management.

You Wish…

…for excellent teamwork in flexible working environments?

…for simple, efficient and secure financial planning?

…to unleash the full potential of your team?

…to realize your company goals consistently?

…for an inspiring vision that impresses partners and customers?

What if…

…you could experience optimal teamwork every day?

…you would have enough capital for your investments?

…you could effectively use the full potential of your team?

…your business goals reflect your expectations?

…you could motivate yourself and everyone else to peak performance?

Personal Business Workshop
for Your Business Development

Unique Ideas for
successful Start-Ups!



await you!

How do I improve my teamwork daily?

How do I set up an effective financial plan for your business ideas?

How do I utilize the full potential of my team?

How do I find my goals in my talents?

How do I create meaning and inspire others to peak performances?


Learn a way to meet your daily needs and expectations.


Learn to gain financial freedom, develop your business continuously and always enjoy enough fun in your life.


Learn how to design your tasks according to your skills and complete them effectively.


Learn to define and consistently achieve your goals through your talents.


Learn the value of your goals and ground the purpose of your actions in an inspiring vision.



awaits you!

How do I understand others better and respond more valuably?

How do I always make the best decision?

How do I always have enough time for all the important things?


Learn a technique that appreciates all different opinions in a conversation and creates useful results for the implementation of the goals.


Learn how the method of systemic consensus respects the individual needs of all partners.


Learn to make your time meaningful by recording the reasons for your plans.

Personal Business Workshop
for Your Business Development

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Business Workshop

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