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Managing conflicts as leaders

Conflicts are unavoidable and even important for healthy development. This Re:Think Leadership Workshop teaches managers the right methods to deal empathically with tensions within their teams or towards employees.


Managing conflicts as leaders

The Content

This Re:Think Leadership Workshop equips managers to sustainably resolve conflicts within a team and towards employees.

To this end, participants are first familiarised with methods of non-violent communication.

With the Re:Think Leadership Methods, relationship analyses become simplified and practically feasible in everyday life. The participants gain a deep understanding of the various causes of conflict and can defuse them at an early stage. Under the guidance of the instructor, participants learn to conduct targeted mediations and soften hardened fronts.

As a result, managers will be able to recognise conflicts, identify causes, and confidently guide others toward better coexistence.

The Topics & Goals

Communication & Mediation

  • How do I notice arising conflicts?
  • How do I mediate between conflicting parties?
  • How do I resolve conflicts in between my team?
  • How do I stop people from blaming each other?
  • How do I show empathy without taking sides?
  • How do I help victims of mobbing?
  • How do I stop mobbing within my team?

The Audience

The Re:Think Leadership Workshop is aimed at managers and executives with  employee responsibility.

The Timing

One Workshop Day (8 hrs.)

Two Follow-Up Sessions (4 hrs.)

The Objective

Participants will be supported with practical methods to resolve conflicting situations and lead people to compromise.

The Promise



In accordance with our mission we keep the theory to a minimum and use inspiring stories to explain the nature and heritage of the individual Re:Think methods. We want our participants to find solutions not follow presentations.


Practical Work

We want our workshop participants to profit from the first minute to the last. The Re:Think methods are custom tailored and work with the individual obstacles to provide instant solutions to current challenges.


Usable results

In accordance with our vision the Re:think workshops provide actionable steps guiding our participants to their individual solution. They can be reused indefinatly and the results have a directly noticeable impact.

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