Digital Data Protection Management System


Digital Data Protection Management System

The Project

The project was implemented based on the CMS web application WordPress and various premium extensions with a three-factor authentication. The system enables the automatic creation of standardised data protection documents across the entire spectrum of requirements. The content is collected by means of questionnaires and is designed in such a way that it can also be prepared by people in training. Notification functions enable a “four-eyes principle” and customers receive their documents as PDF/A files in archived format. A version history enables changes to be tracked and forms the basis for recommendations in customer consulting.

The Results

The company can serve four times more customers with the same number of professionals

Consultation efforts that previously required several hours of meetings can be clarified in a few minutes with digital documents

Documentation efforts that used to take 4 hours can currently be processed in approx. 15 – 30 minutes (guidelines, data protection concept, deletion concept, etc.)

The company can carry out preparatory data protection documentation by trainees and save time and costs of skilled workers

The Goal

Development of an interactive web portal for automated documentation of data protection management in companies and for data protection officers.

The Purpose

Reduction of ongoing workloads through centralized storage and standardized as well as automated processing of data protection transactions.

The Timing

Two Month (Total)

Four Weeks Support

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