Social intranet for company management


Social intranet for company management

The Project

The Bitrix24 system was installed as a parallel organizational platform and released for a team. In three workshops, the users were accompanied in their work and a map of the actual work processes was subsequently created. Together with the results of a user survey, a visual representation of the company’s communication flows and software applications was created. These were optimized according to user needs and the system was configured. After a three-month test phase, the system was rolled out across the entire company (approx. 200 employees).

The Results

All departments can experience the entire product cycle from planning to manufacturing to sales and fulfillment.
Interdisciplinary exchange happens automatically through integration into the product cycle
“Ideation” happens in parallel at all levels of the company
Communication is uniform and clearly structured
Central data management and project-based access

The Goal

A central organizational platform that enables unified communication by synchronizing project management, scheduling, email and CRM systems.

The Purpose

Improve information visibility for transparent communication and more efficient organization.

The Timing

Nine month (Total)

Four Weeks Support

Ready for your own agile project?

We support your project for four weeks and train your team to become professionals in agile project management.

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